Friday, May 30, 2008

Fashion faux pas…

Picture this: A hot summery day, the mammoth golden ball has been burning the earth with scorching heat. You step out of you house in hot pants and a tank top to hit the streets and beat the heat. Suddenly you encounter a lady dressed in jet black leather jacket and fitted black pants. I’m sure this would have definitely left you sweaty. This is what we call a ‘fashion faux pas’.

Fashion faux pas are a common sight everywhere. Be it the girl next door or the biggest ramp models, all of them are victims of fashion faux pas. From the hideous looking hair dos to ill fitted dresses we’ve seen the fashion stars showcasing all of these.

At most of the occasions such celebrities become the attraction of the cameraman’s lenses. Here a celebrity carrying the wrong look and there goes the lense to capture the pose. Even the most ravishing stars fall prey to such mishaps. From Kajol to Victoria Beckham, neither the Bollywood nor the Hollywood industry has been spared.

Even in our daily lives, in our college campuses and at common hang out joints we encounter girls and guys committing fashion faux pas. Such people sometimes become the ‘joke’ among the hoity-toity cream crowd. Trends keep changing by the day, by the season but one must indulge into fashion in which one is comfy and confident. Such garments when carried by a person certainly portray an image of beauty, elegance and poise.

A sight seen very commonly spotted, a sight which one and all try hard to avoid…fashion faux pas.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Fashion goes local!!!

Dolce and Gabbana, Mango, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Levi’s and the list is endless. Be it clothes, watches, perfumes or sunglasses, brands have made its stand in every possible area of fashion. One feels on the ninth heaven when one is carrying a Gucci bag or wearing the very stylish and expensive ‘Guess’ watch. It definitely adds value to our wardrobe and gives us the required ‘high’ to our class. But have you tried hoarding the ‘streets’ of Mumbai? The streets full of little road side, trendiest shops. Streets full of life, full of people, streets full illumination, streets full of the most fashionable stuff to pick from.

Buying stuff from the road side is an experience in itself. The constant ‘halla bol’ by the sellers on one side and the haggling sounds of the buyers, in unison, perfectly brings the picture of a ‘street bazaar’ live in front of our eyes. From the ‘Saronjini Nagar’ in Delhi, to the famous ‘Colaba Causeway’ in Mumbai, every nook and corner of India has a prominent street shopping area which serves to the visitors, the specialty of a particular state or region. Be it the chunky junk jewelry, to the choicest of clothes… you ask for it and you get it.

Highlighted by the ‘low price’ aspect, shopping on the streets invites the saving of a lot of those notes in your wallet giving you the trendiest stuff within the capacity of your pocket.
Shopping on the streets also gives you a walk through the liveliest track giving you the much needed change in the routine lifestyle and adding huge amounts fun and frolic.

Street shopping can be lot of fun if one is accompanied by the right kind of people at the right kind of place with no fixed agenda.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Grab on some accessories girl!!!

Got your clothes in place? Got the right figure to carry the chic outfits that you desire to wear? Have you griped on to the most stylist clutches and wedges too? Does this seem to be the most apt combination to make you look modish? If yes, then I must correct you all…You have missed the most imperative part of you. Accessories!!!
Clothes certainly encompass the significant part, but accessories add the bling to the overall look one carries. Accessories as the name suggests, prettifies and embellishes the overall look that you clasp. It not only adds the tangy tinge to the outfit but also creates a striking feature to your persona.

Huge hoops, subtle studs, crinkling anklets, tinkling armlets, chunky neck pieces, and vibrant bangles are some of the ways perfect ways to go, to load yourself with some of the junkiest jewelry. Huge waist belts, smart hats, shielding sunglasses, cute petite clips, neat watches and silky scarves are some of the definite add-inns for your closet. Doesn’t this turn out to be a humungous shopping list to add to your next shopping agenda. Certainly too many things to accessorize yourself with, rendering you as the ideal beauty.

Pick up a plain, neon colored t-shirt with a pair of jeans and teem it up with some classy and refined trimmings and capture the most happening and fashionable look for every day, every occasion, and every season. The simplest of clothing can give you the most ravishing look with the help of the right accessories. So get hold of some hard cash and attack the streets to hoard in some of the trendiest looking accessories for yourself.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Indian Diva…

Picture this: A simple innocent woman steps out, draped in a six yard long piece of cloth, exuding elegance and poise. Doesn’t this bring the image of a typical Indian femme to your mind? Certainly, it does.
India, the land of culture, the land of art, fashion definitely stands out as a country of elegant couture. The ‘saree’ being the epitome of the traditional wear, the Indian woman carries this convoluted outfit with sheer modishness.

Bollywood divas like Aishwarya Rai and Rani Mukherjee to name a few, set the ramp on fire with their sizzling beauty exaggerated by the saree.
Though the influence of the West in the style of dressing of these stars seems very prominent, nothing can ever replace this ever existent, classy traditional Indian outfit.
This six yard cloth piece is not only a mere outfit but also an ornament which adorns the Indian woman, making her look as a complete alluring lady. It is a symbol of pliability, continuity and timelessness of our age old tradition.

Keeping in line with the diversity that India showcases, there is a wide range of gorgeous saree’s from various regions of the country. Be it the ‘Bandhani’ from the West or ‘Paithani’ from Maharashtra or ‘Gadwal’ from Banaras or the ‘Kanjeevaram’ from the South, all of these have their individual uniqueness and importance which adds to the overall flavor and essence to enhance the splendor of the Indian woman.
Internationally too, the Indian saree has acquired its value with branding making its mark in this branch of the fashion industry. With the growth of fashion festivals and fashion week’s the traditional Indian saree has attained various modifications making it malleable to the modern ongoing trends.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Are you ready to beat the heat? Summer’s back here!!!

The end of the winter sets in the scorching and searing season of summer. Rising mercury levels have not only changed the face of streets of the city but they call for a change in the wardrobes of people. Warm and comforting pullovers, sweaters and cardigans take a back seat and strappy; stringy spaghettis are seen jutting out of the wardrobe.
This sweltering summer, presents a choice of varied colors to the trendy women out there. White being the fundamental and the ever green, eternally classy color, pastel shades like turquoise, powder blue,emerald, lavender and fuchsia should definitely grab that empty place in your wardrobe.
Cotton is certainly the way to go. Nothing can stop you from venturing out in the blazing sun when you are decked up in this comfy, cozy fabric.
Polka dots, floral prints and stripes teemed up with the right kind of color would just be the perfect way to go.
Plain basic tang tops with the shortest of hot pants and all this coupled up with the trendiest, wackiest flip flops is definitely just the right attire for all you petite girls. Flaunt your sexy legs but beware about that tan which is chasing you every second. Don’t forget to get yourself dipped in sunscreen lotion before you step out of the sun safe home!!!After all the basic stuff, its time to emboss and embellish yourself with some color rich accessories. This summer do not forget to carry those multihued hand bags and some junk jewelry to add the exact flavor to accolade the season of color, cheerfulness and frolic. Your best friend through this 3 month long season would undoubtedly be a pair of sunglasses to protect your mesmerizing, delicate, beautiful eyes. Set your wardrobe right, to enjoy the season of SUMMER and FUN!!!