Friday, February 12, 2010

Benefits of a Milk Bath

The idea of having a milk bath itself is so tempting. Milk is known for its nourishing values. Among its other benefits, smooth and shining skin is one of the important one. In ancient times, milk was used to clean and nourish skin. Many of you must have heard of Queen Cleopatra who used to bathe herself in camel’s milk quite frequently. If you are not really satisfied with appearance of your skin then I recommend you talking a milk bath. It will instantly improve the look and feel of your skin. All you require for a milk bath is a bathtub and a carton of milk in your refrigerator.

Milk has always been considered immensely beneficial for the skin. Milk contains different kinds of acids like lactic acid that is a wonderful cleanser for skin. Hydroxy acid present in milk is a very effective skin exfoliant. It helps in removing the old skin cells and gives way for new and more vibrant skin underneath to shine through. Other crucial elements of milk are skin helping vitamins, fat and proteins that help making your skin soft and supple. It is always recommended to bathe in fat milk and not skim milk.

If you don’t like the scent of the milk bath then, you can add some citrus oil or rose oil which is a strong scented flower essence. Lavender petals are other wonderful options. For further flavor, one can always go for chocolate shavings or powdered cocoa. Feel the difference once you are out of the bath tub.