Friday, December 18, 2009

Matching Your Clothes

It is a normal comment to hear, “I don’t have anything good to wear”. You have gone through the entire wardrobe and collected your entire collection at one place and yet you are feeling short changed. You must have worn all these clothes hundred times over. If you keep facing such situations, you need not rush to shopping complex immediately. That is better suited for celebrities who can’t afford to be seen wearing same clothes again in public forums. The trick is to wear matching clothes and make statement. If you have an ensemble group of colorful clothes and then you can always manage them in a fascinating way. The simple method of mixing and matching your clothes will help you in creating a fresh look.

Start with personal neatness. Complement your physique/figure with fitting clothes. There is no point blindly following the latest trends if clothes don’t fit you properly. Always wear un-scuffed and unsoiled clothes. Always have some neutral colors in your wardrobe. Colors like white, black and beige come pretty handy in matching. Even though you are in hurry, don’t just wear anything. Arrange your clothes beforehand. We all know mirror never lie so while you wear clothes take a look at yourself in mirror. You will instantly know whether clothes suit you or not. Never wear too many bright colors. It does not look too pleasant to the eyes. If you are fashion conscious, you need not to follow the trend blindly. Single fabric should be avoided.