Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dressing Tips for Short-Heighted Women

What is the common factor between Rani Mukherjee and Tanusree Dutta? Yes, they are beautiful and famous. Yes, they are actresses. What else? Apart from gorgeous, stunning they are also on the slightly lower side of height factor and yet they simmer on big screen. So what makes them stand out despite the height shortcoming? The answer is simple. It is the way they dress. That magic has been created by fashion designer attending to them. So despite the fact that, you are short heighted and you do not have any designer at your disposal, you can still make things work and dress smarter and add height to your personality.

Those who are not blessed with height need to create illusion of height and for that start with vertical tops. V neck tops will add to your height. Try wearing clothes that fit your properly instead of focusing upon loose and bulky dresses. Try using buttoned shirtdresses and open gilets or high-waisted and slim pants. To make yourself look taller, experiment with tucking your shirt into the pants. To distract eyes that keep talking about your petite figure, try to emphasize other beautiful features of your body. It could be your shoulders or neck. Give your huge bracelets and long dresses a boot as they will further make you appear short. Don’t even think about thigh boots and oversized glasses.

Other timely suggestions could be to wear stilettos, small prints for tops and frocks, Vertical prints and motifs, monochromatic pattern, and a pair of dark colored skinny jeans. Apart from that experiment with short to medium length hairstyle and bright colored clothes, as they give illusion of height.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Working Women’s Wardrobe

Today, the concept of working women has changed drastically. Now it’s no more about putting on some old grubby stuff without bothering about how you look and feel. In fact, it is also important now a day to present your best foot forward in terms of presentation. Competition is cut-throat and that requires one to present a wonderful image of self. It is advisable to be noticed by including some variety and change in your professional attire. However, make sure not to overdo it and try retaining things normal and different. So, simple and elegant is the funda. Take a look at top Indian ladies in professional arena like Chanda Kochar, Naina Lal Kidwai and Kiran Shaw Mazumdar.

Accessories play a vital role in makeover of a woman. It is not just about pieces of jewelry, scarves and shoes to pair with the clothes. The attire, itself can also be considered as an accessory. Power dressing is one word that you need to follow. Have a complete business suit that will not only define your figure but also tell a lot about personality. The concept of power dressing merged in 1980s during the feminine movement.

Try some of these combinations:-

A nicely tailored pencil skirt teamed with crisp cotton or a silk shirt. Add a nice pair of heels. You can also add bright color bracelet and keep other things quite minimal. To further the look, try elegant piece of time wear. Designer watches are other options.

You can also try Khakis, lightweight sweaters, dark denims and tops with knee length skirts. Make sure to have matching accessories like small purses, handbags, make-up bags, and tote bags. Scarves can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Finally, keep things minimal and basic.