Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tips for Avoiding Age Spots

Women always dread the thought of having age spots. The term age spot refers to dark spots emerging on different parts of body like forehead, arms, neck, hands and feet. Normally, the problem of age spots is faced by people who have an overexposure to the sun or are in 40-50 age range. These spots are far from appealing and quite undesirable. Also known as ‘adult freckles’ these spots are major cause of worry for most of the people. It gives a scary look. Scientific reason says, skin starts losing its strength due to age and that results in the proliferation of spots. People with fair skins are more susceptible to the problem of age spots. People affected with this problem should take appropriate measures to get rid of these spots.

You can apply number of home remedies to counter the problem of age spots. The most basic treatment is of lemon juice which should be applied at the age spots twice a day. A regular usage of lemon juice for 6-8 weeks can have wonderful effects on skin.

Applying cider vinegar mixed with water can remove the spots. One needs to drink this on a daily basis. You can also add teaspoon of honey if you prefer so. Furthermore, you can blend an onion and mix equal amount of apple cider vinegar to it. Now, just use a cotton ball and soak it in the mixture and apply over the spots.

We all know the magical effects of Aloe Vera juice. Use it directly on the dark spots and voila, spots will be gone in sometime. You can also try mix of vinegar and olive oil and apply it on spots. Castor oil is considered very effective in removing dark spots. Finally, if are willing to apply more remedies, think of cucumber slices and papaya. Your problem of dark spots will certainly vanish.