Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tips for Wearing Black & White

One of the oldest yet fashionable tips is pairing black and white clothing and accessories. Combination of black and white gives you a very well put together look. It is hard to imagine a woman’s wardrobe without presence of black & white dresses. Whether its swimsuits, formal dresses or a party wear, these two colors are the perfect choice for an elegant and sophisticated look. Wearing black and white works irrespective of a woman’s shape and style. It is a confidence boosting combination. Though, styles of wearing black and white dress combination may have changed over the years but the final result is still the same.

While wearing black and white, one must first work on her body shape. Not every color provides one with privilege to don current fashion rage but these two colors are exceptions. The most stylish part about these two opposite colors is that they look good on any sized figure. But pay a little attention on how to wear them. It is a known fact that black gives you a very slimming appeal; so it should be worn in areas where you want to look slim.

As mentioned earlier, one can wear these colors at any place or any occasion, be it birthday party, wedding, business meetings, or any other formal or informal occasion. However, you must not use plain white button down shirt and black dress pants without any accessories. To look stylish, you can simply wear black leggings and tunic of same color. Add a touch of opposite color jewelry. Monochromatic outfit can look really appealing provided you use appropriate accessories. You can also try latest mix of texture and patterns so this combination doesn't look boring.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wardrobe Basics for Men

It is important to have a good wardrobe. But make sure to fill up your wardrobe with right clothes and accessories. But have you ever come across a situation when you want a certain piece of cloth for a particular occasion? You must have. This emphasizes the need of having the right pieces in readymade garments for right occasions. Let’s have a look at some of the wardrobe basics for men.

One of the most important items in a men’s wardrobe is a well tailored suit. A suit in ultimate gray color or in classic black will be ideal for special occasions. Opt for a single-breasted suit if you are looking to add just one suit to your wardrobe. After suits, shirts are the most important items in your wardrobe. Go for a wide collection of shirts but if you are picky then choose a dressy blue button down shirt or a classy while. They will go well with suits on any type of occasion.

Next item in the list is pants. Go for elegant pants in colors like black, gray and beige in your wardrobe. They will be perfect for both casual as well as business events. A suit will not be complete without a good tie. Try finding a slid colored tie. Have at least 3-4 pieces of ties.

As far as casuals are concerned, add khaki chinos, denim and tees to your wardrobe. Denim could be in ultimate dark blue and cool light blue shade while for tees, go for basic shades like white, black and gray. Finally, when it comes to accessories, a good quality, smart looking pair of eyeglass, leather belt, and formal watch will complete your wardrobe.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to Care for Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the more complicated types of skin, and in every era physicians have differed on the particular type of skin care that may benefit oily skin. A consistent and well directed skin care routine can be quite beneficial for oily skin. Oily skin tends to appear shiny, with visible appearance of large pores. These pores release oils from the sebaceous glands underneath. They are more frequent around the T zone, which includes the nose and the forehead. People with an oily T zone but dry patches elsewhere on the face are declared to have combination skin. If one has oily patches on the rest of the face, especially around the chin and hairline, and sometimes cheeks as well, the skin gets oilier.

It’s common to find black heads on nose and sometimes forehead on oily skin. This is a result of accumulation of dead skin mixed with overproduction of oils. The dead skin needs to be removed on a regular basis, i.e., at least once a week. So it’s recommended to use a good exfoliant such as apricot or orange scrub weekly. It’s also recommended to use products with salicylic acid, which is a chemical exfoliant and helps keep the dead skin, and hence the blackheads in check.

The goal for oily skin is to keep oils at bay, without causing excessive tightness and dryness on the skin. The conflict comes from the issue about how many times should one cleanse their face, and what kinds of cleansers are important. One group of skin care specialists believe that oily skin should be cleansed with alcohol based cleansers, because they dissolve the oils and completely remove them from the skin. Another group argues against alcohol based cleansers, as complete removal of oils will stimulate more production of oils and keep the vicious cycle on.

There are specific skin care products in the market now that have been specially developed for oily skin.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to Remove Wrinkles

So you just spotted wrinkles on your skin? Well, wrinkles are not something that will please you but then, there are ways to fight those wrinkles developing around your foreheads, eyes and areas around the mouth. You need to take certain steps to prevent the premature formation of wrinkles. Start with regular usage of moisturizer. Daily use of moisturizer will help preventing those dreaded wrinkles. While applying moisturizer give a gentle massage to your skin and relax the tightened muscles.

You should always wear sunglasses before stepping out in the sun. Sunglasses help in protecting your eyes from UV radiation and prevent you from scrunching up your eyes and forehead in the sun. Without the sunglasses, wrinkles will find a way on your forehead sooner than later.

Next option is using wrinkle reducing creams. You can find number of effective creams that plump out the skin and help in reducing the wrinkles. However, most of these creams have temporary effects. You also need to be careful while applying cream below the eye. Don’t use heavy amount of cream as it can accelerate the process of developing wrinkles in this area. A better option would be to use under-eye cream, which is just light enough for this area.

Vitamin A plays a vital role in reducing the wrinkles on your face. Use creams that have retinol which rejuvenates cells at the lower layers of skin. As a precautionary measure don’t apply these creams too frequently. Alternate the retinol cream with a regular moisturizer. If nothing else works, use Botox injection that can remove frown lines from your face. But you need to take these injections every three months.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eye-Care Tips

You must learn to take proper care of your eyes. To maintain clear and healthy eye sight and clear vision throughout your life, you must not ignore regular eye care. Eyes are the most sensitive and precious organs of the body. But people usually ignore eye care and take them for granted. More so, with the arrival of computers, eye problems have become very common. But if you are a little careful, you can prevent eye problems. Eye care should be a daily part of your life. The basic rule of thumb is to wash your eyes with cold water two to three times every day.

After returning from work, use cucumber slice on your eyes to soothe them. This will help in getting rid of strain. Make sure to include food rich in vitamin A, C and E in your diet. These are few basic things that you must always remember. However, there are few eye exercises as well that can help in prevention of eye problem. Regular eye exercises help in improving eye sight, reduce eye stress and less train on eyes. The exercises include, looking up and down, rotating eyeballs, looking at the corners and concentrating on one point etc. These are quite basic in nature and will not take much of your time.

You can also try yoga for eyes. You also have the option of using eye glasses for protecting your eyes. To know the exact condition of your eyes, go for regular eye check up. Seeking expert’s help will help you in taking suitable measures. Don’t sit on computers for a long time and minimize the use of cosmetics. Take short breaks in between. While reading, don’t keep book too close to your eyes. Blink your eyes frequently to keep them moist. Use these tips and enjoy a good vision throughout your life.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer Dressing

Summer is here and scorching heat is making our lives tougher. There is no respite anywhere. But yes, we can always dress according to the season and feel comfortable. Dressing according to the season not only helps us from the heat wave but also makes us look stylish and classy at the same time. When you first think of summer dresses, think of colors before anything else. One should always wear light colored dress during the summer. No doubt, dark colors look great but it’s more suitable for slightly cooler climates or during morning or night. But when the summer heat is draining you of all your energy, go for pastel or light shades. You will look cooler and feel comfortable as well.

It’s hard to imagine life without jeans. But give it a miss during the summer. For men, it should ideally be kurta-pajama and for women, salwar kameez is the best choice in this weather. Other comfortable choices are cotton trousers, khadi and linen. Girls should try Capri pants with a pair of sandals. It will look cool and comfortable. If you have to have jeans then opt for thin denim fabric or denim capris.

Fabric plays a major role in deciding your comfort level during summer. Cotton fabric is surely the best bet. Chiffon is another useful choice. Avoid heavy polyesters. One should always avoid heavy make-up on a hot summer afternoon. Make-up items that you can use are, pastel shades of lipsticks or gloss, powder on eye-shadow and compact powder.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tips for Avoiding Age Spots

Women always dread the thought of having age spots. The term age spot refers to dark spots emerging on different parts of body like forehead, arms, neck, hands and feet. Normally, the problem of age spots is faced by people who have an overexposure to the sun or are in 40-50 age range. These spots are far from appealing and quite undesirable. Also known as ‘adult freckles’ these spots are major cause of worry for most of the people. It gives a scary look. Scientific reason says, skin starts losing its strength due to age and that results in the proliferation of spots. People with fair skins are more susceptible to the problem of age spots. People affected with this problem should take appropriate measures to get rid of these spots.

You can apply number of home remedies to counter the problem of age spots. The most basic treatment is of lemon juice which should be applied at the age spots twice a day. A regular usage of lemon juice for 6-8 weeks can have wonderful effects on skin.

Applying cider vinegar mixed with water can remove the spots. One needs to drink this on a daily basis. You can also add teaspoon of honey if you prefer so. Furthermore, you can blend an onion and mix equal amount of apple cider vinegar to it. Now, just use a cotton ball and soak it in the mixture and apply over the spots.

We all know the magical effects of Aloe Vera juice. Use it directly on the dark spots and voila, spots will be gone in sometime. You can also try mix of vinegar and olive oil and apply it on spots. Castor oil is considered very effective in removing dark spots. Finally, if are willing to apply more remedies, think of cucumber slices and papaya. Your problem of dark spots will certainly vanish.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Benefits of a Milk Bath

The idea of having a milk bath itself is so tempting. Milk is known for its nourishing values. Among its other benefits, smooth and shining skin is one of the important one. In ancient times, milk was used to clean and nourish skin. Many of you must have heard of Queen Cleopatra who used to bathe herself in camel’s milk quite frequently. If you are not really satisfied with appearance of your skin then I recommend you talking a milk bath. It will instantly improve the look and feel of your skin. All you require for a milk bath is a bathtub and a carton of milk in your refrigerator.

Milk has always been considered immensely beneficial for the skin. Milk contains different kinds of acids like lactic acid that is a wonderful cleanser for skin. Hydroxy acid present in milk is a very effective skin exfoliant. It helps in removing the old skin cells and gives way for new and more vibrant skin underneath to shine through. Other crucial elements of milk are skin helping vitamins, fat and proteins that help making your skin soft and supple. It is always recommended to bathe in fat milk and not skim milk.

If you don’t like the scent of the milk bath then, you can add some citrus oil or rose oil which is a strong scented flower essence. Lavender petals are other wonderful options. For further flavor, one can always go for chocolate shavings or powdered cocoa. Feel the difference once you are out of the bath tub.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Necktie Fashion Tips

One of the essential dress items for a professional individual is necktie. It is a common sight to see professional owning a large number of neckties. Having a great collection of neckties definitely helps in making a good impression. It also makes one feel good about his overall attire. But imagine what happens when you own countless number of ties and every time you keep wondering which one to wear and which one will go well with particular combination. Definitely, it’s a tricky choice for you. So, let’s have a look at different possibilities.

Silk neckties are a must in any corporate attire. Silk neckties look classy and can greatly enhance the overall outlook of an individual. In case, you are facing dilemma regarding which necktie to wear, always go for bold colored necktie. One can’t really go wrong with this choice. Necktie colors like royal blue or rouge red are known as power ties. People in influential position often use this color combination to put across their points.

If you are in hurry and don’t really want to spend much time on deciding which color to wear then you can go for deep colors like burgundy or plum in the red family, or purple and indigo in the blues. They go well with most of the attire combination and will also make you look good.

When we are talking about different color combinations, how can we miss black? Slim black color necktie will go with any combination. Slim black is safe and suave as well. You can always bet on this combination with any dress you are wearing and you will not be disappointed with the reaction of people. Keep these points in mind and you will always be ahead in necktie fashion trend.