Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer Dressing

Summer is here and scorching heat is making our lives tougher. There is no respite anywhere. But yes, we can always dress according to the season and feel comfortable. Dressing according to the season not only helps us from the heat wave but also makes us look stylish and classy at the same time. When you first think of summer dresses, think of colors before anything else. One should always wear light colored dress during the summer. No doubt, dark colors look great but it’s more suitable for slightly cooler climates or during morning or night. But when the summer heat is draining you of all your energy, go for pastel or light shades. You will look cooler and feel comfortable as well.

It’s hard to imagine life without jeans. But give it a miss during the summer. For men, it should ideally be kurta-pajama and for women, salwar kameez is the best choice in this weather. Other comfortable choices are cotton trousers, khadi and linen. Girls should try Capri pants with a pair of sandals. It will look cool and comfortable. If you have to have jeans then opt for thin denim fabric or denim capris.

Fabric plays a major role in deciding your comfort level during summer. Cotton fabric is surely the best bet. Chiffon is another useful choice. Avoid heavy polyesters. One should always avoid heavy make-up on a hot summer afternoon. Make-up items that you can use are, pastel shades of lipsticks or gloss, powder on eye-shadow and compact powder.