Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Latest fashion trends

Fashion is one medium which reflects your personality. In fact, it’s an extension of your personality. The kind of dresses and hair accessories you wear reflect about your persona. It literally gives a glimpse of who you are, what is your taste and aesthetic sense. So wearing right kind of dress suitable to your personality is a must in personal as well as professional life. Good fashion sense enhances your looks and that further results in getting appreciation. Obviously, getting compliments and appreciation never hurts!

Looking attractive comes up with a condition of adopting yourself to the latest trends. Imagine following new trends and being praised, admired for it. It will feel nice, of course. Women need to update their wardrobe to be in tune with current fashion. Whatever you can wear and carry with style and elegance is a part of fashion trend. You start doing that now and see flattening remarks flying your way every now and then. Most of the fashion shows show latest trends in fashion world. Fashion designer gives you the clue to find out what is in vogue. Fashionable women love using tunics tops. Use leggings with these attractive tunic tops and you will find yourself basking in the glory of glamour. The best part with tunic tops is the fact that it can fit to any occasion. Whether, it’s a simple outing, college class, or date or just chilling out, tunic tops is appropriate for all the occasions. Also, they are latest fashion trend in the town so it makes sense to use them.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fashion Tips

It’s very for women to keep themselves updated with latest happenings in fashion world. It also indicates keeping in mind what is popular now a days and being aware of what is no more in fashion. Women love to dress and naturally they love to look good as well. Nothing wrong with that but what can spoil the beauty of this natural instinct is not following the ‘in’ thing and still sticking to outdated fashion things. For example, now a day, floral prints are quite popular and in fact they are the latest fashion trends. Colorful large prints add to the beauty and charm of the women. So, while going to shop for the next time, keep this fact in mind.

Salwar kameez and kurta churidar are considered to be ethnic dresses and also evergreen. These can be used at any point of time during any occasions. They are simple, sober yet can be classy. Depending upon your taste and how you use them, you can significantly enhance your image and outlook. It’s almost like they are always the ‘in’ thing.

If used properly and in right combination, hair accessories can bring lot of good effect in looks department. Bobby pins and colorful hairclips are quite popular and trendy these days. Use them with good taste and they can help you look youthful and cheerful. However, combination must be suitable to the occasion.

Finally, try to maintain few good looking belts, designer footwear, wooden bangles and oversize handbags. These are appropriate fashion accessories now a days and quite in demand as well. Fashion is all about not getting freaky and being comfortable in your skin.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Salwar Kameez

Indian dresses represent wonderful assortment of diverse Indian cultures and traditions. Take any Indian cloth; you can feel the special culture and feeling attached to it. Indian clothes have also continued to make their presence felt in the international fashion market because of its inimitable and dazzling styles. We have different forms of garments. While the saree is considered aesthetic attire, salwar kameez is the most commonly worn Indian garment. Talking about salwar kameez, its basically a three-piece attire inclusive of -Salwar (bottom, or the pajama), Kameez (top, also known as kurta) and Duppata (scarf).

Salwar kameez is traditionally straight attire with two slits on both sides going well below the knees. Duppata is normally worn in front with sides covering back and shoulders. But with changing times and trends, the concept of suit has also changed. The textile normally used in salwar kameez is of silk or cotton. Silk is suitable for Indian climate. In winter this garment is available in satins or with heavy brocades. One can also find contrasting styles in salwar kurta and duppata with all of them in different colors. Salwar kameez comes in different styles for special occasions like marriage, Independence Day or bridal wear or for festivals. Every season witnesses some new avatars of this wonderful garment. India’s growing clout in international fashion world has also given rise to new ideas and designs being presented in salwar kameez. It’s fashionable as well as comfortable for young women and married women as well.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Men and Cologne

Cologne is an important accessory in fashion. A must for both male and females, there are several types of national and international brands available in colognes. In fact, cologne is a regularly used necessity for groomed man. The competitiveness and hygienic concern has somehow made cologne a must have object in any man’s requirements. All the professionals and modern men are constantly on their toes from presentation aspect. Personality plays a great part in any man’s professional life. No educated man with a good job can afford to be unwashed and scruffy. One must have clean clothes, good hygiene and minimal accessories.

Fragrance can be categorized in cologne, scent or after-shave segments. A man must be very careful while selecting the appropriate fragrance. One must avoid the temptation of bathing in cologne. It should be used in moderation. A single squirt of bottle is sufficient for daily use. The rule says, one should not apply more than one or two finger’s worth of cologne.

One must change cologne keeping in mind season. In summer, light scented cologne is ideal whereas in winter strong musk or wood based scents are considered as suitable. Summer scents are better having grassy or citrus flavor. It also helps to have two cologne; one for daily use which should be light and other for specific occasions. Men should also apply cologne twice; once in morning and then again in afternoon. Its apt for persons with tight work schedule. Cologne should be applied at particular places like inside of wrist, below neck and on chest region. Cologne applied on these places mix up with body’s peculiar scent and provides the best effect.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Famous Indian Fabrics

Talking about beauty and range of Indian textiles, how can one forget Kanjeevaram or Temple sari from south India. These renowned saris come from the town of Kanchipram. Ask any would-be Indian bride, you will come to know what it means to wear kanjeevaram sari. In fact, it is every birde’s dream simply because of its magnificence of weave. Design varies in horizontal and vertical checks and lines. Forst manufactured 400 years back, the Kanjeevaram sari can often be found in gold threads or silk yarn.

Regal Paithanai is a popular textile because of its grandeur. Manufactured in Paithan, a small town in Maharashtra, it takes months to weave a paithani. Its most famous design consist of flowers and motifs of parrot. Many of you must have heard of Tanchoi. Legend says, three Chinese brothers settled in Surat and mixed Indian and Chinese style to weave this magical textile. Its speciality is subtle colors, embroidered look, light drape and elaborate work with extra floats.

Other famous fabrics include, Maheshwari, Bhagalpur, and Chanderi. Often designed in combination of silk spun and cotton, these fabrics belong to different states of Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. These light fabrics are quite exquisite and have intricate borders. Talking about double Ikat Patola, one of the most desirable Indian fabrics, is simple a masterpiece. States like Gujarat, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh are the originators of this wonderful fabric. The fabric has pure silk and will cost a bomb to your purse.

Other famous fabrics are Gadhwal sari from Deccan, Tissue Kotah from Rajasthan, Jamewar fabric of Kashmir, Baluchari textiles from Baluchar in Bengal, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh and many more. Indian fabric continues to mesmerize not only India but western world as well.