Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beauty Tips

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder yet it pays to beautify yourself. Sometimes, it’s better to indulge in self improvement because looks play a major role in many aspects of life. We all want to look good and as beautiful as we can. One way is to spend lots of money on beauty products and visits to the beauty centers like parlor. However, there are several skin care options that we can follow in the comfort of our homes. Some things are easily available in our homes and we can use them effectively to enhance the beauty quotient.
If you want to refresh your eyes just try using a drop of rose water in each eye before you hit the bed. One can also use a drop of fresh castor oil on the eyelids to get rid of puffiness. So many of you sit for endless hours on computers and the result is burning sensation in the eyes. Use thick slices of cucumber and make eye pads and put it on your eyes. It will provide instant coolness. You can also use cotton pads soaked in cold milk to soothe your tired eyes.
If you find your lips chapping, use hot water fermentation on your lips. Once you are done with that use a mixture of vaseline and honey. Repeating this thrice a week will make your lips good and beautiful. Those with dry lips problem, can use mixture of milk butter and rose petals.