Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daily Fashion Tips

Fashion is subject to one’s sense of style and comfort. Fashion experts always suggest not wearing what you are not comfortable with. There is no point using clothes or accessories just because it is the ‘in’ thing. Sense of style develops with regular implementation of fashion. It’s not an occasional thing reserved primarily for marriage or celebrations. This post will suggest some daily fashion tips suitable for everyday life.

Large patterns should be avoided at this time. The beauty of smaller patterns lie in making you appear delicate and sophisticated. It is strongly recommended to ignore wearing patterns on top and bottom because that only helps in making you appear fatter. Choosing one hue while dressing head to toe in a single dark color is best way to appear slim. Dark color should preferably be black or navy. Those with few extra pounds should prefer capris instead of shorts. Black or dark denim with medium length will make you appear stunning. Onset of summer suggests you to wear colors like yellow or pink. These colors are quite eye catching and with combination with navy or black or brown looks amazing.

Midcalf skirt must be avoided by overly healthy females. Right length skirt would be a much better foil. A nice tee would further accentuate your appearance. Thin vertical strips will make you appear longer and leaner. A pair for jeans is absolute must for any wardrobe. Boot cut in vogue now a days and it also gives you longer legs. Other suggestions include, sporting three inch heels, avoiding ankle strap sandals, using well proportioned purse and using bangles.