Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tips for Looking Younger and Beautiful

We all aspire to look younger and beautiful. Yet, age catches up with us sooner or later. But remember age is just a number. If you continue to follow certain practices, looking young and beautiful is possible even at a later age. However, females need to pay attention to certain aspects and they will feel the difference.

Start with drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. Water will keep you hydrated. It also helps in making your face shine and glow apart from kicking out toxins from your body. Check your hairstyle. You might be sticking to an old hairstyle and that does not help in making you look younger. Go for a younger and more carefree look. Its advantage will be seen in your appearance. Try to be subtle when it comes to eye makeup. Try to maintain balance while going for eyebrow outlining. Whenever you go out in the day, remember to use sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. The sunscreen you are using must have at least 15 SPF.

Lipstick colors must be of neutral shades like pink or beige. Ignore brown or bright red shades. Experiment with facial sitting, pedicure and manicures once in a month. You will be delighted with the experience. Use young fragrance as it will make you appear younger. Ignore processed foods as well as food items with too much sugar in them. You must maintain a confident posture. Try to include exercise in your routine apart from getting at least 7-8 hours sleep on a daily basis. Follow these tips to find yourself young and beautiful once again.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tips for Foot Care

Feet are often the most neglected part of our body. One must have noticed whenever we go for some beauty treatment, feet is the last priority in our mind. People normally tend to ignore giving feet the treatment it deserves. But we really need to take good care of our feet if we have any intention of living an active and comfortable life. Importance of feet can be understood from the fact that even if they are slightly damaged we find walking a painful experience. Talking about foot care, it is not a herculean task. Just few simple things and you are right on track.

Foot massage can be a wonderful experience. Try taking a foot massage once in a while. It could be a week or month. You will be totally relaxed and will be glad for taking the foot massage. Either you can go to a spa or massage center or ask someone in your family to take some time off. Experiment with few drops of peppermint essential oil and mix it with the lotion to have a wonderful experience. Taking care of your feet will help you in keeping calluses under control. To get rid of rough or dead skin, use an abrasive foot scrub or pumice stone. The dead skin must be removed or else they will become hard and thick and will cause problem in walking in later stages of life.

Take a foot bath. Use marbles in bath water and roll your feet over them. This will help in stretching of your muscles. Use appropriate moisturizer on your feet every day. It is advisable to replace your shoes on every six months as they lose their ability to support your feet.