Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leather Garments

No fashion conscious person thinks of having a wardrobe without presence of leather goods and garments. Leather garments are big business in India and world in general. India is one of the major countries to manufacture and export leather garments. In fact, Indian leather industry is slowly making its presence felt in hugely competitive world leather market. It was not long, almost 10-15 years when fashion in leather garments was not much of a rage amongst people. Indian people were not fond of leather garments in a big way.

But things have changed drastically in a period of 10 years. Leather goods and garments have proved to be a big business world over and India is no exception to this trend. The major players in world leather market are; Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey, South Korea, Eastern European countries and countries from South America. India has a very low share in world leather market and Indians are trying to capitalize on huge human resources and availability of good and cheap leather to increase their world share.
Mostly, Indians prefer to export leather rather than put it into use in local markets. Mumbai, Chennai and Kanpur are the major manufacturing centers in India for leather garments. The Indian market is primarily based in north India because of climate and fashion conscious people. India has maintained international standards in leather garments manufacturing and most of the foreign tourists prefer to purchase from India because of low cost and better quality.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

History of Jeans

Jeans has always been most popular clothing item among people of all age group. In fact, jeans is said to be only piece of cloth which can never go out of fashion. It is quintessential and commands ubiquitous presence. It is not only one of the most comfortable attire but stylish as well. I sincerely doubt is there any person in world who does not have a pair of jeans in his wardrobe! Liked by all, loved by all, preferred by all, jeans holds unparallel popularity amongst all other clothing items. So how did it originate? The origin of this word can be traced to sailors from Genoa, a place in Italy. These sailors used to wear similar kind of clothes in that time.

As we all know jeans is made from denim. In the initial period of 18th century jeans used to be a mix of several different materials. With the passage of time, only cotton was used to make denim. Because of its strong cloth material, working class people started preferring it over other clothes. Because of its long lasting nature, the wear and tear factor was completely removed so that made it number one choice for working class people. Initial color of the cloth was blue which was basically a result of indigo dye being used in these denims. Mid-19th century witnessed arrival of a German immigrant known as Levi Strauss to San Francisco who used a twilled cotton cloth from France, known as ‘serge de Nimes’, which later came to be known as denim. He established the company the Levi Strauss & Company and began the operation with pocket stitch design. This name is world famous name now which has continued to manufacture jeans for all age groups. Hollywood also contributed in popularity of jeans. Second World War saw usage of these jeans by American soldiers and since then jeans has never looked back in terms of popularity.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fashion in 2009

The term Fashion has a constant presence in everyone’s life, especially females. Whether it is a 14 year old girl or 54 year old woman, the charm of fashion floors them equally. In fact, fashion is symbolized by females. If one wants to have an idea about what’s in vogue currently just look at the school or college going females. Most of them use the latest trends in town. There will be several new fashion trends in this year. Right from fashionable winter clothes to summer ones, we will get to see many new trends and clothes. Let’s have a glimpse of what’s in store for teens in this year.

One of the emerging trends of this year is proliferation of blue color. One is going to witness lots of ‘blues’ whether its blue jeans, blue dresses, blue t-shirts etc. trying blue with bright colors like yellow, orange or red will make one look appealing in the eyes of onlookers. Denims will also be vogue this year with slight change in the cuts. Slim denim pants are going to be popular which can also be worn with knee high boots.

Floral prints are again in the vogue so buying new floral printed sets will just add on to your beauty. Capris are another evergreen piece of clothes. Combining capris with a stylish t-shirt is going to make you noticed. Fashion accessories will also make their presence felt in this year. Accessories like chains, belts, bracelets, belts, scarves, earrings etc will just add to the style quotient. Other expected trends include multi-colored 'maxi dress', one-shoulder dresses with open arms, sequins etc.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Few more Fashion Clothes

One of the most common sights is young girls wearing tight fitting jeans. For some time, fashion of tight jeans had gone out of the circulation but now again its back with a bang. However the current fashion is of a pair of tight jeans with narrow bottoms. One can also experiment with combination thing by mixing jeans with white or black shirt or with pink or black tee. Tunics also go quite well with skinny jeans. A pair of jeans is must for your wardrobe. A good pair of jeans will definitely increase the attention of eyeballs on you. Attractive jeans will help you look trendy as well as graceful.

Knee length capris made of denim are another ‘in’ fashion statement. You can combine trendy t-shirt with attractive capris. Wearing knee length skinny denim with your tee is definitely going to enhance your style quotient. For extra appeal, one can apply her favorite fabric colors and t-shirt quotes which will help in defining your attitude.

I am sure many of you must have used harem pants. This particular fashionable piece of cloth was brought in demand courtesy Kareena Kapoor when she wore them in Jab we met. The movie was a big hit and so was this pant. Totally chic and feminine, harem pants are very comfortable as well as stylish. Its design is also very appealing. Harem pants are available in several colors and textures. Those in sync with current fashion trend have to have one pair of harem pants. All the colors are appealing especially the black harem pants. The last piece of fastion statement is Lycra leggings. Available in many fancy prints, leggings are a must have for any fashion conscious female. One can choose from a full length leggings or ¾ length one.