Friday, July 4, 2008

Monsoon trends…

As the Earth seems to be parched after the blazing sun stroked its heat for 3 long months, the wet and sodden season sets in. The clouds have now begun to shower their blessings to Mother Earth in the form of pearl like drops of water. I’m sure you have guessed it till now. It is none other than the season of ‘Monsoon’.

Monsoon certainly adds joy and life to nature but also beautifies ones clothes with muck and muddle. This season some do’s and don’ts are unavoidable for everyone.

Girls must pick up some hot pants and shorts to ensure comfort and console. Enormous, frilly and lacy umbrellas definitely accessorize simple outfits. This could be replaced with long raincoats of various colors and patterns. This monsoon keeping it short and simple is the perfect way to go. Make up certainly finds no place specifically as it might turn out to be a blot in the look that you sport. The mantra to enjoying this season in fashion is to be simple and sweet.

All the fashion conscious guys out there need not get disappointed. Monsoon allows you too, to be in style and present the fashionable side to all your folks. College going lads can pick up varied colors of ‘Crocs’ to add color and variety to their wardrobe. Three-fourths or shorts can make life easier and comfortable for men.

So all you trendy people have certainly picked up some latest fashion tips to wear the right kind of clothes and impress the people of the opposite sex at college!!! Go simple and enjoy the season of fun and frolic.