Friday, June 6, 2008

Fashion trends…

Trends in fashion keep changing by the tick of the clock… Here goes the tick and there the trend changes. With every next Bollywood film, actors set new trends. Be it the famous hairstyle of yesteryear actress ‘Sadhna’ or the ‘Pooh’ look of Kareena Kapoor sported by young teenage girls. All these trends become the talk of the town immediately after its conception.
College goers tend to look up to Bollywood celebs when it comes to aping trends. With a change in the look carried by their favorite actor, people change their way of styling as well.

Fashion trends have become the hottest topic of discussion among teenage girls in particular and the Gen-X in general. To carry the perfect look according to the ongoing trends is what every youngster strives for. The ‘in thing’ is of great importance to all of us. Our wardrobe receives repeated ‘make overs’ with new clothes being dumped by us every now and then.

Even change in season changes the kind of clothes we wear. Summer brings with itself floral prints and comfy fabric to beat the sweltering heat. Girls and guys prefer to keep it short and sweet with the advent of this season.
Winter definitely changes the amount and type of clothes one wears. Layered clothing, cardigans and pull overs of varied colors and styles replace the stringy clothing.
With monsoon showing its true colors, one prefers to dress as simply with the least amount of bling and fashion. This quite pleasant but tacky season restricts people from wearing fashionable clothes, as those raincoats seem to occupying the important place.
Fashion trends keep altering, but one must wear the kind of clothes which compliment their looks and body type well. Following trends blindly only invites an uncomfortable look. One should keep tab of the latest trends and then modify according to the needs and requirements of one’s own structure.