Friday, October 17, 2008

Latest Trends and Prices of Dupatta

Rajasthani dupattas are also called Laharia. They are mostly accompanied by tie and dye strips in colorful contrast. The literal meaning of Laharia is one that ripples in the wind. This ripple effect can be seen in not only dupatta but also in its bold stripes. Both flutter and its effects fluttering give it an impression of rippling in the wind. In some northern parts of India, it is used as a headscarf knotted at the back of the head.

The popularity of dupattas can be seen in various shopping centers in Delhi and Bombay. Numerous shops in these metros are specialized in selling various forms, designs and prints of dupattas. One can see crinkled tissues, dupattas in tanchoi, organzas and tissues, gold black prints. Among other latest trends in dupatta are; khadi-work in cottons, tinseled work on heavy silken brocades and chiffons and dupattas in tanchoi, organzas and tissues.

The price range of dupattas differs from place to place and brand to brand. Price also varies according to the style of dupatta. Like simple printed cottons and chiffons are available in relatively cheap range of Rs.60/- to Rs.80/-. More the embroidery work, highly priced will be the dupatta. For example, bridal dupattas and brocade are sold at Rs 500/- and above. One can have amazing types of dupatta provided one is willing to loosen the purse strings. The Tangails, Kanthas and Baluchars dupattas from the state of Bengal can be found in range of Rs.700/- to Rs.200/- whereas bandhini and laharia in silk and cotton range can be bought in region of Rs.100/- to Rs.500/-. Other favourite dupatta is Benares cut-work with zari and embroidered tili which is available in Rs.500/- and above.